Final Score: MK Thunder 0 Trane sponsored Basingstoke Bison 4

Ref: Evans

Lino’s: Finch & Pullar.

MOM: Thunder: Lawday

MOM: Bison: Mettam

Thunder Stats:
Nets: Lawday 56/4 (92.86 %)

Bison Stats: Petts 2+0, Tait 1+0, Redmond 1+0, Cowley 0+2, Klejna 0+2, Bordowski 0+1, King 0+1

Nets: Mettam 20/0 (100%)

PIMs: Thunder 6...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
26th of November 2017

Weekend Review - Just one game and one win

For their only game of the weekend the Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison were on home ice in the National Cup to take on local rivals Bracknell Bees.

Basingstoke Bison 6 Bracknell Bees 1

An early tone was set when Bees’ James Galazzi failed to avoid collision with Herd goalie Dean Skinns at 7.07. The goaltender was forced back into his own net causing the Bison medic to come out and check he was ok.

Skinns carried on in net and Bison built pressure in the attacking zone. As Bees cleared the zone Bison regained control quickly and Roman Malinik skated in down the right wing, cutting in front of the net and lifting the puck high into the goal for the opener at 8.23.

At 10.56 Vanya Antonov attempted to race into the zone but was taken down at the blueline. An interference call at 13.39 to George Norcliffe was followed up by an interference penalty to Ben Ealey-Newman at 14.28 giving Bison a 5 on 3 opportunity.

A perfect powerplay saw the Bison widen their lead. Dan Scott and Tomas Karpov had blue line duty with the man advantage. The puck came back to Scott who passed to Karpov. This back and forward passing carried on three times splitting the Bees defence before Scott wound up and one timed home the second goal at 15.01.

As the second period went on Bison added to their lead on a delayed penalty just before the midway point. Aaron Connolly was taken down advancing to the slot and before Bison could pull their goaltender for the extra attacker Tomas Karpov grabbed the loose puck and shot across the net scoring half way up stick side at 27.55.

50 seconds later Bison bodies swarmed round the net but the loose puck found its way back to Dan Scott at the hash marks and for the second time blasted one from the wheelhouse into the back of the net at 28.45.

As the Bison supporters celebrated Dan Scott’s second goal of the night the Bees bench called their time out. The 30 second break did little to change the outcome as at 29.36 Hallam Wilson added the Bison fifth. Again as the puck made it’s way round the zone bodies made their way to the net and with a crowd gathered Elliot Dewey fired in and Hallam Wilson shovelled home the loose puck.

Dan Davies took the puck to the net but Alex Mettam stopped Roman Malinik’s attempt at his second of the night. A couple of minutes later Josh Smith broke free and headed to the net but a soft finish saw Mettam close the pads just in time and squeeze them together stopping the slow moving puck. Another minute further on played stopped for a moment as an Grant Rounding headed head first into the boards chasing in a rebound.

A delay of the game penalty to Luke Jackson at 34.21 was killed off by the Bees and the second period went on to end 5-0.

Dean Skinns and Dan Weller-Evans swapped places for the third period with the latter coming on to replace the former for the final 20 minutes.

5.58 into the third period Hallam Wilson scored an attractive goal as he dragged the puck across the net committing the goaltender before scoring into the open net he’d created for himself.

At 49.29 Josh Smith and Joshua Martin came together centre ice and earned themselves matching roughing double minors.

Into the final ten minutes Dan Davies was one on one at the blue line when he was disposed.

Bison’s perfect night so far ended with 4.05 to play when Joshua Martin broke the clean sheet when he skated down the left wing and shot across Dan Weller-Evans into the stick side of the net.

Basingstoke: Scott 2+1; Wilson 2+0; Karpov 1+1; Malinik 1+0; Dewey, Connolly, Mogg, Rounding 0+1. Net: Skinns (40.00) 9/0 & Weller-Evans (20.00) 5/1
Bracknell: Martin 1+0; Ingoldsby, Best 0+1. Net: Mettam (60.00) 43/6

Period Scores: 2-0/3-0/1-1
Shots On Goal: 43-14
Penalty Minutes: 8-16
Referee: D Boardman. Linesmen: J Lalonde & Finch

After the game Bison Head Coach Doug Sheppard reflected on his single game weekend; “I’m really happy with the weekend. We’re playing good hockey, we’re doing the right things and we’re on a good run. We need to keep on going with the little things.

I’m happy with how we responded to the challenge. We played a good all round game. Scoring was well spread and it was great to get Stuart Mogg back and have our full five defenceman back icing. The four that we’ve had playing have done a great job for us but I’m pleased we have all five back on rotation.