Final Score: Invicta Dynamos 1 Trane Basingstoke Bison 5

Ref: Pickett
Lino’s: Edwards & Sitch-Cunningham

MoM Invicta: Morgan
MoM Bison: Petts

Dynamos Stats: Best 1+0, English 0+1, Strawson 0+1.

Nets: Morris 63/5 (92.06 %)

Bison Stats: Klejna 2+1, Tait 1+2, Bordowski 1+0, Ralph 1+0, Petts 0+2, Cooke 0+1, Jones 0+1, King 0+1, Sampford...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
2nd of January 2018

Weekend Review - Split weekend puts Bison back on top

The Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison played a top of the table weekend series either side of the New Year Turnaround as they hosted Peterborough Phantoms on Saturday before travelling to their rink on Monday for a New Year’s Day special.

Basingstoke Bison 1 Peterborough Phatoms 2

The visitors got the early jump and early chances before Tomas Karpov tested Euan King with a backhand chance. Grant Rounding couldn’t find the target when he found himself in space with the puck but it was Rounding who drew the first penalty of the game when Ales Padelek tripped the Bison man at 4.11.

Aaron Connolly was just a little high on the powerplay as his backhand went up and out of play. Darius Pliskauskas unsuccessfully tried out Dean Skinns with the Phantoms back at full strength. A quick snap saw Ryan Sutton feed Grant Rounding who carried the puck into the zone before leaving for Tomas Karpov. The Czech set up Sutton who fired wide and with the net coming off in the process the officials blew down the play.

Roman Malinik and Vanya Antonov both tried their luck before Kurt Reynolds floated the puck to the net but the deflection from in front ended up tipping the shot wide.

A couple of spells of good pressure from both teams finally drew a penalty at 13.43 as Ryan Sutton was called for tripping but the Phantoms failed to get their powerplay going. As he returned Ryan Sutton got straight in on the play but again Euan King came up with a save.

A defensive error resulted in the Bison passing straight to Ales Padelek but a huge save from Dean Skinns saw out the first period scoreless. Bison would be starting the second period with 1.51 left of a powerplay as Greg Pick sat out a tripping call.

An early Dan Scott blast provided a rebound for Joe Baird but just as he lined up to shoot the puck bobbled over his stick. Bison started the second period well and forced their visitors into a good period of defensive hockey to protect their goaltender.

There was a slight delay after linesman Justin Lalonde was struck by the puck in front of the Bison bench but after a moment or two he was ready to continue.

Bison were back on the powerplay again at 27.10 as Nathan Salem took a holding the stick penalty. Vanya Antonov sprung Tomas Karpov who sped in and shot but the rebound evaded the chasing Josh Smith.

Stuart Mogg dived to break up a rush from Owen Griffiths ahead of another Bison powerplay thanks to a roughing call on Griffiths at 32.55

A smart Bison powerplay resulted in their opening goal as they watched the Phantoms defence collapse to protect the goaltender they kept the puck near the net before feeding it back to Vanya Antonov who fired in for the opener at 33.14.

With 3.35 left to play in the middle period Dan Scott and Will Weldon came together after a late hit on Scott. After Dan Scott got the better of the tussle both players sat out double roughing minors leaving the game at 4 on 4. Phantoms got a 4 on 3 powerplay at 38.54 after Darius Pliskauskas was slashed by Joe Baird and despite a last second shot the middle period ended 1-0.

37 seconds into the final period Phantoms levelled the game when Glen Billing finished from Darius Pliskausas. Bison netminder Dean Skinns protested the goal as the net had come lose during the play but the goal stood and the game was 1-1.

As the game hit the final 10 minutes it was delicately balanced at 1-1. There was drama when Euan King took a Dan Scott slapshot square in the mask and took time to recover before continuing.

Bison were looking good offensively and creating many chances but Darius Pliskaukas took advantage of that as he did the finishing on a Phantoms 3 on 1 as they caught the Bison low. Glen Billing drew a save from Dean Skinns but with no defenceman back yet Darius Pliskauskas was free to finish with the rebound.

With 1.09 to play Bison took their time out and play restarted with Dean Skinns on the bench. Phantoms managed one chance with the empty net and Darius Pliskauskas hit the post but at the other end Euan King held firm to earn his team a road win.

Basingstoke: Antonov 1+0; Malinik, Baird 0+1. Net: Skinns (58.51) 20/2 & Empty Net (1.09) 0/0
Peterborough: Pliskauskas, Billing 1+1; J Ferrara, Salem 0+1. Net: King (60.00) 38/1

Period Scores: 0-0/1-0/0-2
Shots On Goal: 38-20
Penalty Minutes: 8-12
Referee: S Matthews & D Cuglietta. Linesman: J Lalonde & J Ions

With the New Year festivities ongoing the Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison travelled to Peterborough to face the Phantoms with the prospect of returning to the top of the table with a game in hand awaiting.

Peterborough Phantoms 3 Basingstoke Bison 4

Hallam Wilson got the Herd off to a good start scoring at 8.18 at even strength but the game’s first powerplay saw the equalising goal netted as Scott Robson scored at 10.36. Bison would head to the first break with the lead thanks to Kurt Reynolds scoring at 17.01.

Dan Davies made it 1-3 at 24.10 but the home team kept close thanks to a goal from Ales Padelek at 25.53. Vanya Antonov chipped in to make it 2-4 at 33.16.

5.33 into the final period Darius Pliskauskas scored the Phantoms’ third goal but neither team could find any more goals. Phantoms took their time out at 57.59 and left the net empty for the final 2.01 but Bison couldn’t get the puck to compound their lead and neither could Phantoms break the defensive efforts of the Bison meaning the Herd took the points on the road.

Peterborough: Padelek 1+1; Pliskauskas, Robson 1+0; Norton, White, J Ferrara, Griffiths 0+1. Net: King (60.00) 25/4
Basingstoke: Antonov 1+2; Davies 1+1; Reynolds, Wilson 1+0; Malinik 0+1. Net: Skinns (60.00) 23/3

Period Scores: 1-2/1-2/1-0
Shots On Goal: 25-23
Penalty Minutes: 2-4
Referee: Miller. Linesmen: Carmichael & Hussain