Final Score: Swindon Wildcats 4 Trane Basingstoke Bison 2

By Nigel Simmonds

Ref : Matthews
Lino"s : Carmichael & Ormond

MoM Bison : Morris
MoM Wildcats : S Jones

Wildcats Stats : Bebris 1+1, Birbraer 1+0, S Jones 1+0, Nell 1+0, Hoog 0+1, C Jones 0+1, Rutkis 0+1.

Nets : Marr 26/2 (92.31%)

Bison Stats : Harding 1+1, Jones 1+0,...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
25th of January 2018

Weekend Preview - It's a big one this weekend!

Itís a big weekend for the Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison as they get their Autumn Cup Semi-Final series underway on home ice against the Hull Pirates on Friday night.

With three wins out of four in the Group Stage the Herd will look to keep their excellent Autumn Cup run going and secure a good start in the home and away series before heading to Hull to complete the semi-final on February 7th.

The Pirates have established themselves as one of the top sides in the NIHL North and boast familiar names like Bobby Chamberlain and Jason Hewitt.

Bison Head Coach Dough Sheppard returns this weekend and will take charge of Fridayís important clash. He said; ďYou all know I had to go home and support my Mum and my family. While thereís been many worries and stresses thankfully the team wasnít one of them as I knew with Aaron looking after things and the leadership we have within the group the team we would be fine. Iíve followed the games online and been impressed with the performances as well as hearing nothing but good things about our work ethic.Ē

He continued; ďIíve been back at practice this week and Iím looking forward to getting back on the bench this weekend and keep the good things going. This is a big game for us and against tough opposition. We know we have to go to their place still so itís vital we get a good result out of Fridayís game.Ē

The Herd face-off at 7.45pm against Hull Pirates on Friday night. Season ticket holders will have their chosen seats reserved until 1 hour before face-off but will need to buy a ticket for the game.

On Saturday Lee Valley is the destination as the Bison face London Raiders in a league game.