Final Score: Swindon Wildcats 4 Trane Basingstoke Bison 2

By Nigel Simmonds

Ref : Matthews
Lino"s : Carmichael & Ormond

MoM Bison : Morris
MoM Wildcats : S Jones

Wildcats Stats : Bebris 1+1, Birbraer 1+0, S Jones 1+0, Nell 1+0, Hoog 0+1, C Jones 0+1, Rutkis 0+1.

Nets : Marr 26/2 (92.31%)

Bison Stats : Harding 1+1, Jones 1+0,...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
28th of January 2018

Weekend Review - Perfect results in two tough games

The weekend started early for the Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison as they lined up on home ice on Friday night to play Hull Pirates in the opening game of the Autumn Cup Semi-Final.

Basingstoke Bison 4 Hull Pirates 3

Stephen Matthews, Justin Lalonde and Flynn Sytch-Cunningham were the officials and Dean Skinns and Adam Long took starting goaltender duties.

Bison suffered an early set back when they were called for a face-off infraction in the neutral zone at 5.52 which gave the Pirates the game’s first powerplay. Bobby Chamberlain finished from Matty Davies and Jason Hewitt at 7.37 for the opening goal. At 12.02 the game was back on level terms when Aaron Connolly’s shot rebounded to Dan Scott who lit the goal lamp with a blue line blast. After killing a slashing call against Roman Malinik Bison took the lead as Tomas Karpov completed a neat play from Hallam Wilson at 17.48. With 29 seconds left in the opening period Aaron Connolly buried at a chance for 3-1 and a healthy lead after the opening 20 minutes.

Bison played a strong second period but just couldn’t extend their lead. They came close at 22.24 when Dan Scott blasted home, shorthanded, from Dan Davies but as the puck crossed the line Stephen Matthews waved off the goal as he believed the whistle had blown before the puck crossed the line. A powerplay came to the Herd when Jason Hewitt sat out a hooking penalty but the tips in front ended up taking the puck just wide of the target and the Pirates weathered their penalty kill. Pirates kept themselves right in the challenge when they snuck their second, against the run of play, at 35.31 with Chamberlain netting for a second time.

A tense third period saw goals for both sides as Roman Malinik added the fifth Bison goal at 43.14 to restore a margin of safety but the Pirates fought back to 4-3 with 11.52 to play thanks to a Jason Hewitt powerplay goal. Again despite a dominant performance from the Herd they couldn’t extend the lead and ended the first leg up by a single goal to take to Hull in February for the second leg.

Basingstoke: Malinik 1+2; Connolly 1+1; Reynolds 0+2; Scott, Karpov 1+0; Wilson, Dewey, Mogg 0+1. Net: Skinns (60.00) 19/3
Hull: Hewitt 1+2; Chamberlain 2+0; Davies 0+2; Archer, Chilcott 0+1. Net: Long (60.00) 50/4

Period Scores: 3-1/0-1/1-1
Shots On Goal: 50-19
Penalty Minutes: 8-4
Referee: S Matthews. Linesmen: J Lalonde & F Sytch-Cunningham

On Saturday night the Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison travelled to Lee Valley to be the final opponents of the London/Romford Raiders in their temporary home.

London Raiders 1 Basingstoke Bison 4

The Herd got off to a good start and didn’t look back as Kurt Reynolds opened the scoring at 2.16 in a dominant first period display that saw the home team outshot 8-17.

Bison further strengthened their position in the second period with Dan Davies bagging a marker at 23.35 and Paul Petts doing the same with 50 seconds left in the middle period.

After Vanya Antonov had made it four for the Bison at 43.38 the Raiders managed to avoid a shut-out in their final game in Lee Valley thanks to an unassisted goal from Alan Lack against one of his former teams at 49.45.

London: Lack 1+0. Net: Gray (60.00) 42/4
Basingstoke: Petts, Antonov, Davies 1+1; Smith 0+2; Reynolds 1+0; Karpov 0+1. Net: Skinns (60.00) 30/1

Period Scores: 0-1/0-2/1-1
Shots On Goal: 30-42
Penalty Minutes: 6-8
Referee: S Matthews. Linesmen: Eliasson & Mysirkov

Bison Head Coach Doug Sheppard gave his thoughts on weekend’s two important fixtures. “On Friday I thought we played well even though we started a little bit slow. Once we got going I thought we dominated most of the rest of the game. We’re in a good position, up 1 goal after the first leg even though we’d have liked more. We didn't get the lucky bounces, the early face off penalty cost us a goal and Dan Scott’s disallowed goal could also have been a momentum changer. Despite not having the bounces I’m happy with the way we played and competed. We deserve the lead but this job isn’t finished yet.

He continued onto his team’s second game; “On Saturday, went to a London team in good form and motivated by the emotion of this being their last game in what’s been their temporary home since Rom Valley Way closed. I thought we played well despite them working extremely hard. Our hard work paid off and we got a good road win in the league and finished the weekend well so they guys can enjoy their Sunday off. Having two key guys out like Aaron Connolly and Dan Scott out gave opportunities for others to step and up an example of that is Paul Petts, he hasn't had much ice time, took advantage of his opportunities with a goal and an assist.