After tonight's final games in the NIHL South 1, the Trane sponsored Basingstoke Bison can confirm that the Bison will play Streatham in a two leeged affair next weekend (23rd & 24th March 2019).

As communicated earlier this week the two-legged affair will take place as follows:

Away leg – Saturday 23rd March – Face off @ 5.30pm

Home leg - Sunday 24th...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
19th of March 2018

Quarter-Final test passed

With the league season over and the South Championship secured attention turned to the Play-offs for the Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison as they hosted Invica Dynamos in the quarter finals.

Basingstoke Bison 6 Invicta Dynamos 0

Paul Brooks took charge of the game as Bison started Dean Skinns in net and Damien King made the start for the visitors despite not appearing in the warm up.

The home team generated chances early in the game with Dan Davies and Tomas Karpov looking dangerous but Ashley Jackson fought back for the visitors before hooking his chance wide. Steve Osman flicked the puck out to the front of the net for Mason Webster but the youngster couldn’t quite get the puck under control and it trickled away from him. Bison were back being dangerous soon after as Roman Malinik warded off the Dynamos defence and held the puck behind their net before feeding a racing Vanya Antonov but his shot ended wide. Next play Vanya Antonov fed Josh Smith in the shot who drew a sharp save from Damien King.

As the ten minute mark came round the game remained scoreless but with the Bison holding a clear play advantage, just lacking the goal they wanted.

Grant Rounding evaded the defence but not Damien King as the Dynamos shot stopper held on for the save. Off the re-start Dynamos sprung a 3 on 1 but unluckily for them the 1 was Dan Scott who back checked and broke up the play at the first opportunity before feeding the puck back forwards again.

Chances came at both ends and as the buzzer was about to sound Dan Davies took a feed from Tomas Karpov but shot over leaving the first period to end 0-0.

The second period saw the goal that had so far eluded the Herd come quickly. After an early combination between Joe Baird and Dan Davies went wide Stuart Mogg blasted the Herd ahead at 23.05 after the puck found its way back to the defenceman he fired in past Damien King.

Bison got the first powerplay of the game at 26.20 after a period of sustained pressure Paul Petts was the unlucky recipient of a slash from Ondrej Zosiak at 26.20. The powerplay was duly converted at 27.03 as the Herd worked the puck around Tomas Karpov took his feed, skated to the slot and fizzed it in past Damien King.

Jasoslav Cesky seized on a chance off the re-start but his feed to Webster wasn’t picked up. Back at the other end Ryan Sutton slid one past the post before Tomas Karpov muscled back to the net and was denied by Damien King.

The Dynamos goaltender couldn’t repeat the feat moments later as Dan Davies laid the puck on for Tomas Karpov who blasted one in under King’s arm at 30.02 for 3-0.

Joe Baird fed the puck across just inside the blue line to Dan Scott who lined up and let lose a Scott special with Dan Davies waiting for the deflection but the puck went just wide. An attempted Dynamos clearance went only as far as Kurt Reynolds who tried a shot but King was down low to make the save. Captain Aaron Connolly came charging in and, as he was pressured by the Dynamos defence, fed it to Kurt Reynolds who shot in but despite a tip from Roman Malinik the save was made.

At 36.11 Mason Webster got called for cross checking and Bison were back on the powerplay. Dan Scott rung the outside of the post ahead of Kurt Reynolds making it 4-0 at 38.02 with a shot from the hash marks that saw Damien King beaten by a screen from his own defenceman.

After a slow start Bison had found the extra gear in the middle period and headed to the dressing room at the end of the second period happy with their four goal advantage.

Early in the final period Elliot Dewey sent off Aaron Connolly but Damien King saved the Bison Captain’s chance. Stuart Mogg was next to feed the puck to Tomas Karpov who found Dan Davies but another save ended that chance too.

Steve Osman forced a pad save from Dean Skinns and then Jaroslav Cesky found himself dispossessed of the Dynamos next chance as Stuart Mogg executed a lovely poke check. Scott Bailey won a foot race with Vanya Antonov but there was no need for a save this time as the shot went wide.

A crunching hit from Joe Baird saw Brandon Webster stopped in his steps as and this freed Grant Rounding to race away coming round the net before shooting wide. But with 5.21 to play Bison extended the lead thanks to Roman Malinik. Grant Rounding fed to Elliot Dewey who passed quickly to the rapid moving Roman Malinik who fired in low on the glove side.

Josh Smith nearly made it six as he spun a full 360 degrees to avoid the Dynamos defence but Damien King got the pad down to stop the shot. Tomas Karpov and Dan Davies combined to set up Vanya Antonov but his shot took King high and sailed over the target. Roman Malinik fed Aaron Connolly but as his shot missed the outside of the net the final 2 minute started.

At 58.28 Paul Petts fired on net and the puck bounced of the goaltender’s glove straight to the stick of Ryan Sutton who tapped home for 6-0.

Dean Skinns saw out the remaining 1.32 to complete his shut-out and the Herd knew they had a commanding lead to take to the second leg.

A packed Bison Arena stayed on to see the league winners’ medals presented to the players and staff before Aaron Connolly received the NIHL1 South League Winner’s trophy from Richard Carpenter.

Basingstoke: Karpov 2+0; Malinik 1+1; Dewey, Davies 0+2; Reynolds, Sutton, Mogg 1+0; Rounding, Petts, Smith, Connolly 0+1. Net: Skinns (60.00) 9/0
Invicta: Net: King (60.00) 42/6

Period Scores: 0-0/4-0/2-0
Shots On Goal: 42-9
Penalty Minutes: 0-4
Referee. P Brooks. Linesmen: Strain & Marshall

The Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison arrived in Gillingham knowing they had a 6 goal cushion in quarter final series.

Invicta Dynamos 1 Basingstoke Bison 7

It took just 25 seconds to get the scoring underway when Tomas Karpov scored the opening goal of the second leg. He netted again at 2.33 and later Grant Rounding made it 0-3 when he scored at powerplay goal at 13.12.

The middle period saw only a single goal at Grant Rounding netted his second at 28.05.

Bison swapped goaltenders for the final period with Dan Weller-Evans taking over and 1.30 into the period Grant Rounding completed a hat-trick ahead of Roman Malinik scoring at 43.59. Dan Scott added the seventh at 57.39 and with 2.02 to play Steve Osman broke the duck for the Dynamos but the damage was already done and Bison advanced to the semi-finals.

Invicta: Osman 1+0; Cesky, Ralph 0+1. Net: King (60.00) 58/7
Basingstoke: Rounding 3+1; Karpov 2+1; Malinik 1+2; Antonov 0+3; Scott 1+0; Smith, Connolly, Reynolds 0+1. Net: Skinns (40.00) 9/0 & Weller-Evans (20.00) 24/1

Period Scores: 0-3/0-1/1-3
Shots On Goal: 58-35
Penalty Minutes: 6-4
Referee: Hewitt.

After the weekend Doug Sheppard reflected; “We were disappointed on Friday not to be able to fight back into the Cup Final but we knew we didn’t have long to reflect as Saturday was the Play-offs. In truth we started a bit slow on Saturday but we hit our straps and set out our stall in the middle period. We had a good all round performance on Saturday then we got to enjoy the presentation we’d worked hard to earn all season!

On Sunday we did what needed to be done to secure our second win of the weekend and book our semi-final. Everyone got ice time across the weekend and the whole team performed well.

Looking forward the Head Coach added; “We’ve got London for the Semi-Final and we cannot underestimate them. They’ve finished above in the league table and knocked out from the play-offs a former EPL team so they have no fear of the big games. We know they’ll be ready for big games this weekend and we know we need to be ready and at our best while taking nothing for granted.