With the sad news earlier this week of the sudden passing of our scorer Keith Hope, we have been asked by the family to share the funeral arrangements with the Bison family.

The funeral will be held at Basingstoke crematorium on Thursday 1st August 2019 at 9.30am which will be an opportunity for us all to take part in a celebration of Keith’s life.

The family...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
29th of October 2018

GAME REPORT: Bracknell Bees v's Bison Sunday 28th October

Final Score: Bracknell Bees 2 Basingstoke Bison 0

By Nigel Simmons

MOM: Bison Jones Bees Skinns

Ref: Matthews
Lino’s: Sitch-Cunningham & Strain

Bison Stats:
Nets: Mettam 27/1 (96.30%) Empty Net 1/1

Bees Stats: Malinik 1+1, B Baird 1+0, Antonov 0+1, Mogg 0+1.

Nets: Skinns 23/0 (100%)

PIMs: Bees 40 Bison 40

From the drop of the puck, Bees came out flying, creating a chance within the first minute, thankfully Mettam covers the puck to stop the play. Tommy Ralph takes the first penalty, an Interference call at 1.33.

Good chances from Ryan Watt and Ed Knaggs on PP, but Mettam is solid and Bison return to full strength. Danny Ingoldsby fires in on Skinns, but Dean makes a pad save to deny him. Bees new Import David Millner picks up a drop pass from Thompson, but again Mettam makes an easy save to deny him.

At 6.39, there's a scramble in front of Bees net. Michal Klejna goes down, looks like he received a stick to the face, he's down for quite a while, whilst receiving treatment, but makes his way back to the bench, under his own steam. Stuart Mogg gets called, 2mins for High-Sticks. Scoring chances from Tait & Bordowski, but Skinns saves well and Bees penalty expires.

Alex Sampford has next opportunity. He skates in alone and releases his shot, only for it to hit Skinns in the facemask and play is halted. Bison are putting on the pressure at bit more and create another chance. Klejna & Tait combine, Klejna shoots just wide, but Ash picks up the puck and tries to force the puck home, but again, Skinns snuffs out any chance. Danny Ingoldsby & George Norcliffe are next to test Skinns, with Norcliffe’s shot being saved by the pads.

It's Bees turn to attack now, Roman Malinik skates in, but gets impeded in the process. Ralph goes for Hooking at 12.08. Bees create plenty of chances, the best ones coming from Knaggs & Millner, but Bison survive and kill the penalty, returning to full strength. Bison pile on a bit more pressure on the Bees goal. Good chances from Norcliffe & a double chance for Hallam Wilson, all denied by Skinns. It looked like a little frantic goal line action, but from where I am seated, it's hard to tell.

At 15.19, Bees Ben Paynter & Bison's Adam Jones get 2 min penalties each, both for Hooking. The Bees PP doesn't come to much, Malinik forces a save from Mettam, who scrambles to cover his rebound. The Bison Bench then receive a penalty. Matthews isn't best pleased with our line change, we delay for a bit, words are exchanged and it results in a 2min Abuse of Official call at 18.44.

But within 6 secs of the Bees PP, it's over.... Aiden Doughty clatters into Mettam as he plays the puck & a Roughing penalty is awarded. The remaining time runs down and at the hooter, both teams are goalless.

2nd Period starts and both teams kill of any remaining penalty time, returning to full strength. Malinik tests Mettam again with a wrist shot, Alex gives up a rebound, but puck bobbles to safety and is cleared.

At 26.39, Bees take the lead. From a face off in the Bison zone, Roman Malinik wins it & feeds Brendan Baird on the point, he skates in a little way, releases the puck and it beats Mettam.

A few minutes elapse and it's Bison who attack again. Danny Ingoldsby gets himself in all alone, looks to see if anyone is supporting, Hallam is skating in, but Danny tries his luck, shots low & hard, but Skinns saves, but the rebound falls to Hallam's stick, he shoots, but Dean again makes a great save (bloomin’ typical!)

Not long after, Ingoldsby tests Skinns again, but he saves well.

At 35.42, Knaggs picks up a Tripping call and the Bison go the PP. Bees kill off the penalty, but Bison get another chance in the final minute. Joe Baird gets awarded a 2min Interference call, timed 39.11.

The 2nd period ends, with the scoreline..... Bees 1 Bison 0.

Bison start the period with 1.21 on the PP, but Bees kill off the penalty.

The next action is a goalmouth scramble in front of the Bison net. Mettam tries to cover the puck, but fails and is left flailing, a Bison D-man is pushed onto Mettam and Liam Morris takes exception. A roughing call is forthcoming and Bees get a powerplay, time is 47.11.

Bees create a couple of chances, but again Bison penalty killers get the job done, returning to full strength. Norcliffe is awarded a Slashing call at 50.48 and Bees PP gets another opportunity to increase their lead. Mettam makes a great save from Malinik to deny the Ex-Bison forward.

Just as the penalty is about expire, Michal Klejna robs Knaggs at centre ice, skates in 1-on-1, he is hauled down from behind, the Bison fans want a Penalty Shot call, but Matthews just decides it's a Tripping call for Knaggs, at 52.44.

For me, if you're brought down whilst in all alone on a breakaway, it's a Penalty Shot all day long.

Anyways, 4 secs of penalty expire and Bison have 1.56 of the extra man. Bordowski has a chance of the PP, but his shot is seen all the way by Skinns. Sampford then brings a good pad save from Skinns too and the Bees return to full strength.

The game goes into the final 2 minutes and you could tell something might just happen. Bison call a Time Out with 1.17 left. Into the final minute and Joe Baird collects an Interference call at 59.07. Bees bring the puck up ice and force a face off in Bison zone. Play starts up, Mettam looks to the bench, gets the call to go, he skates off and it's 6-on-4. But Bison lose possession, Malinik picks up the puck and fires down the ice, to score into an empty net. Goal timed at 59.34, Mogg & Antonov assisting.

Then it all gets a little crazy.

A hit by Greg Martin on one of our guys goes uncalled, Klejna dives in to help his teammate and a few fisticuffs happen. Each receive 2 each for Roughing & 10mins Misconduct, timed at 59.42.

Just when you thought that was it, a Boarding on Jones by Galazzi is not received well. Jones & Gallazi both drop the gloves and a fight ensues. Both a bit tentative at the beginning, Jones gets the upper hand and take down.

Penalties handed out are: Jones receives 2+10 for Boarding, plus 2+2 for Fighting. Adam was the one that was boarded, Mr Matthews got this terribly wrong. Galazzi receives 2+2 for Fighting. Ryan Watt also picks up a 10min Misconduct for goading the Bison bench, by trying to get someone to fight. All penalties timed at 59.52.

After what seems an eternity, the final few seconds play down and Bees take the win 2-0.

Not our best display, but hopefully back to normal, for next Saturday’s home game against Streatham.

P.S - Great to see so many Bison fans at the game, making loads of noise, as always. Well Done Everyone!!