With the sad news earlier this week of the sudden passing of our scorer Keith Hope, we have been asked by the family to share the funeral arrangements with the Bison family.

The funeral will be held at Basingstoke crematorium on Thursday 1st August 2019 at 9.30am which will be an opportunity for us all to take part in a celebration of Keith’s life.

The family...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
4th of November 2018

GAME REPORT: Bison V's Streatham Saturday 3rd Novemer

Final Score: Bison 4 Streatham 3 (After O/T)

By Nigel Simmonds

Ref: Hewitt

Lino’s: Lalonde & Sitch-Cunningham

MOM Bison: Tait
MOM Streatham: Jamieson

Bison Stats: Bordowski 1+1, Tait 1+1, Cowley 1+0, Norcliffe 1+0, Jones 0+1, Klejna 0+1, Ralph 0+1.
Nets: Mettam 33/3 (90.91%)

Streatham Stats: Jamieson 1+1, Beesley 1+0, Wood 1+0, Bailey 0+1, Quiney 0+1, Roberts 0+1.
Nets: King 33/4 (87.88%)

PIMs: Bison 10 Streatham 6

Another Saturday night, can only mean ONE thing, it's Bison Hockey Night!!

Tonight’s visitors are Streatham Redhawks (even though, I think they just call themselves Streatham Ice Hockey Club now). Must admit, I much preferred it, when they were Redskins. Anyways, Jeremy Cornish has in my opinion, on paper, built a much stronger team this year.

How would they fair, against our very own Bison, who themselves have bolstered their roster. Basingstoke born young lad, Josh Kelly joins on a permanent deal & the very experienced Lee Richardson, joins on a two-way deal with Oxford. Welcome to Basingstoke Guys!

Now on with the action:

Streatham had the first opportunity in the game early on. Michael Farn testing Alex Mettam, then a follow up by Tom Soar, but Mettam saved both shots. Bison came straight back at them. Bordowski fed Cowley, but Damien King saved easily. Adam Jones then went close, his low hard wrist shot, almost sneaked in under Kings pads. A poor line change by Streatham almost cost them dear. Jones finds Cowley in acres of space, he winds up the slapshot, but King gloves it.

Then Streatham import Andreas Siagris, fires the puck after the whistle has sounded and is promptly surrounded by angry Bison players. That's a big no, no and the guys reacted accordingly.

Bison then broke the deadlock, Richard Bordowski skates in, out muscles the defence and slips across a lovely pass, for Russ Cowley to pop into the net, past the hapless King. Goal timed at 7.46.

Danny Ingoldsby takes a Cross-Check penalty at 14.03, but it would be Bison that take advantage. Farn takes a shot from the point which goes wide, Bordowski picks up the puck, turns and heads up ice at great speed, he skates in alone and unleashes a sweet wrister, that goes 5-hole on King and it's 2-0 Bison, a short-handed goal timed at 14.28.

Adam Wood tests Mettam late in the period, but Alex saves well with his glove.

At the end of an entertaining first period, it's Bison 2 Streatham 0.

The second period starts pretty much like the first, with early chances by both teams. Adam Carr backhands a speculative shot goalwards, but Mettam gobbles up the puck. Then soon after, George Norcliffe finds himself in behind the Streatham d-men. He tries to go between the pads, but King does just enough to save it, the puck pops free and a few guys pass a stick at it, but Hewitt blows his whistle a little prematurely, as he signals he had lost sight of the puck.

At 22.15, Streatham finally get on the board. Tommy Ralph loses his stick and Scott Bailey skates in 2-on-1 with Ziggy Beesley. Bailey waits, passes and finds Beesley all alone back door, to tip the puck past Mettam.

At 26.51 Adam Jones picks up a Tripping call and before that penalty expires, Tommy Ralph joins him, with a Cross-Check penalty at 28.21. Streatham have 31secs of a two-man advantage and it pays dividends 25secs later at 28.46 on the clock, although the goal shouldn't have stood. Streatham work the puck around nicely, but then lose control, a Bison player tries to clear but gets clearly slashed - it goes unnoticed, Bailey passes to Roberts who gets off a great shot, Mettam saves but the juicy rebound falls at Jamieson's feet and he fires the puck home, to tie the game. The Bison bench are incensed that there was no call, on the lead up to that goal, but Hewitt appears to care not one jot.

With Bison now back to 4 skaters, it's them that almost score short-handed. Klejna skates in, tries to outwit King, but in delaying his shot, Klejna allows the Streatham defence to get back in time to block his shot. Bison kill off the penalty and return to full strength. Klejna then goes close again, but King thwarts to forward.

A poor attempt to clear their zone and Bison pay the price, the puck pops free and kindly to Adam Wood, who slots the puck under Mettam and Streatham lead 3-2. From being 2-0 up, Bison find themselves a goal behind.

Streatham’s Ben Russell earns himself a Holding penalty at 34.55, but they manage to kill off penalty successfully. It's turning out to be a pretty good game, end to end, lots of chances.
Adam Jones fires in a wrister from the point, but King gloves it out of the air and play stops.

Going into the final minute of the period and there's a big pile up in the Streatham goal mouth. No Bison player can appear to get a stick on the loose puck, which is just lying there waiting to be put home.

Period ends, Bison 2 Streatham 3.

The 3rd period starts and Bison need a goal to tie it up. After an early chance by Alex Sampford, Streatham hit a little penalty trouble. Jamieson goes in for Roughing at 42.04 and a minute later, he is joined by James Warman, who takes a Delay of Game penalty for firing the puck over the glass. This gives Bison 55secs of the two-man advantage. We'd only need 30secs to make the advantage count. A set up between Tait and Jones, Jones fires and Norcliffe in front, gets a piece on it and the puck finds its way over the line. Scoreline all square at 43.39 PPG.

Now it's game on for the two points. Streatham see off the other penalty and return to full strength. Jacob Ranson has an opportunity, but again delaying his shot costs him, allowing Ralph to get a piece of the puck and it flies out of play. Then a big pad save by Mettam denies Roberts. It could go either way as both teams are creating plenty of scoring chances, but not converting them.

Adam Jones picks up a Tripping call 54.55, so Bison set about killing it off, but it appears tonight, we're getting better scoring chances whilst being a man down. Another poor Streatham mix up, allows Bordowski to set Cowley free to skate in all alone. Russ tries to make King separate the pads, so he can go between them, but King shuts the door and the chance goes awry and Bordowski just can't reach the follow up.

Bison return to full strength and we enter the final 2 minutes of the game. As the clock ticks down, it's Bison that almost steal it at the death. Ashley Tait and Klejna combine along the boards, Klejna sees an unmarked Sampford at the back door, his pass finds Sampford’s stick and he lets fly with a wrister, but King makes a great save to keep it at 3 apiece as the buzzer sounds, for the end of the 3rd period.

So, we are going into 3-on-3 Overtime.

Tait, Jones & Klejna line up for Bison, whilst Carr, Roberts and Farn start for Streatham. I always find teams start off OT really tentatively, trying to outwit their opponents and make the full advantage of the extra space out there. A line change for Bison, as Cowley, Bordowski and Ralph come out, but a Bison player is a little slow getting off and they get whistled for a Too Many Men Penalty at 61.26. After long discussions and quite frankly, Hewitt making a hash of it, Sam Smith skates across to sit the penalty.

Streatham go to 4 men versus Bison's 3. It isn't long before Mettam comes up with a mahoosive save from Jamieson, flashing the glove to rob the Streatham player.

The Bison manage to kill off the penalty and from that, they go up the ice and clinch the win. Ashley Tait picks up a pass from Klejna, Ash skates into the Streatham zone and unleashes an unstoppable shot past King and the place erupts. The Bison guys jump off the bench and join the celebration down in the corner, mobbing the player-coach.

A huge sigh of relief, but it's all about the "W”!!