Slovakian overseas player Michal Klejna returns for a second season in the Herd uniform as exclusively revealed earlier today in the Basingstoke Gazette.

Klejna completes the Trane sponsored Basingstoke Bison overseas roster for the 2019 / 20 season and will once again ice alongside Richard Bordowski as our two overseas players.

31 year old, 6’1” tall Michal...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
31st of December 2018

GAME REPORT: Peterborough Phantoms v's Bison Sunday 29th December


By Nigel Simmonds

Ref: Cuglietta
Lino’s: Carmichael & Pullar

MoM Phantoms: Marr
MoM Bison: Norcliffe

Phantoms Stats: McEwan 1+0, Padelek 1+0, Billing 0+1, Buglass 0+1, J Ferrara 0+1, Susters 0+1.

Nets: Marr 23/2 (91.30%)

Bison Stats: Norcliffe 1+1, Klejna 1+0, Ralph 0+1.

Nets: Mettam 27/2 (92.59%)

PiMs: Phantoms 14 Bison 20

Your Trane Basingstoke Bison travelled to Peterborough, to face the Phantoms in our last game of 2018. After Fridays disappointing result against Wildcats, could Bison finish 2018 with a "W" and keep themselves in touch at the top of the table.

Phantoms got off the best possible start when they took the lead after just 2.23. Ales Padelek firing home from the side of the net, after the puck had taken a couple of ricochets of Bison d-men. Glenn Billing & James Ferrara getting the assists in the goal.

Bison would level the scores at 9.06, when Paul Petts skated in and got away a shot, the puck came back off Marr and George Norcliffe followed up with a shot across the crease, which hit a Phantoms defender and sneaked over the line, past a scrambling Marr. No assist was awarded.

But they always say, you're always vulnerable, when you've just scored and unfortunately, it was the case tonight. 23secs after tying the game, Phantoms came straight back and took the lead again. Corey McEwan finishing well after a nice pass from Martins Susters. Callum Buglass also getting an assist.

Then Bison would find themselves a man down, when Tommy Ralph was given a Hooking call at 10.32, but Bison would go on to kill off the penalty. At 13.04, saw the first of two fights tonight. Phantoms Nathan Pollard skated into Elliott Dewey behind the goal after the puck had gone. Elliott reacted by just tapping Pollard with his stick. Pollard slashed Dewey, the pair exchanged words and they dropped the gloves. Elliott got the most punches in, so he won that one.

The penalties were announced and Dewey & Pollard both received 2+2 for Fighting, with Elliott getting an extra 2mins for "Instigating", when it was clearly Pollard that started things. Again, Bison saw off the penalty and returned to full strength. Jordan Marr was awarded a Delay of Game penalty at 15.10, but like Bison, Phantoms killed off the penalty.

Then came the second scuffle of the evening. Sam Smith reacted, after Padelek had too many whacks at Mettam after the whistle. Bison Captain Russ Cowley also got involved in the melee. Once the penalties were announced, Smith received 2+2 for Fighting, whilst Cowley got a minor pen for Slashing. This time Phantoms got the extra minor, with Padelek getting 2+2 for Fighting, plus 2 for Instigator. Penalties timed at 18.30.

At the end of the period, the scoreline read - Phantoms 2 Bison 1.

The 2nd Period started and Bison would take an early penalty, with Paul Petts being awarded a Hooking call at 21.30. As before, the Bison PK would kill it off & return to full strength. It was a good end to end game, with both netties being kept busy.

At 31.15, Bison would get the equalizing goal. George Norcliffe passing to Tommy Ralph on the point, Tommy unleashed a rocket, which Michal Klejna got a piece of and redirected past Marr. Klejna then skated in front of the travelling Bison fans and celebrated with his trademark, one knee fist pump celly.

Later in the period, Danny Ingoldsby was called for a Late Hit penalty, but Cuglietta had let Phantoms get away with a couple earlier, for exactly the same offence. It's always these poor consistency issues of officiating, that cause frustration, with the players, benches & fans alike.

Entering the last 10secs and Danny Ingoldsby skated in all alone, but he was brought down, just as he was about to shoot. The Bison Bench and fans immediately called for a Penalty Shot, but Cuglietta would only give Scott Robson a Tripping call, timed at 39.54.

The period ended and the scoreline was all level at 2 apiece.

The 3rd period was pretty good, with both teams creating chances, but neither being able to find a way past the opposing teams netminders. Cuglietta let the game flow and it wasn't ‘til the last minute when she decided to call a penalty. Unfortunately, it was Bison that would be penalised. A Bench minor penalty for Too Many Men, which was very harsh as the guys were changing and they were right by the boards with the door already open for them to come off. Phantoms paid the price the night before, for exactly the same offence, when Swindon scored in the final minute to win the game. Could the Phantoms take advantage and sneak a victory from under Bison's noses. Bison had to see out 24 secs to get a most valuable point......... thankfully, they did!!

So, at the end of 60mins, both teams were still level & would go to OT, to try and get the extra point up for grabs. Phantoms started OT still with 1.37 of PP time, so they would start with 4 men against Bison's 3. Tait, Klejna & Jones started for Bison, whilst Phantoms went with Padelek, Billing, J Ferrara & Norton.

Bison managed to kill off the penalty and returned to full strength, with both teams playing 4-on-4, until the next stoppage in play, then they would revert back to 3-on-3. Neither team could find the decisive goal, so the game would go to Penalty Shots to decide the destination of the extra point.

Phantoms would shoot first and these are how the penalty shots would go.....................
PET - Susters .......... MISS
BAS - Klejna .......... GOAL
PET - Padelek .......... GOAL
BAS - Tait .......... SAVED
PET - Stepenak .......... SAVED
BAS - Harding .......... SAVED

So, after 3 penalty shots each, we would now go to sudden death, but Bison being the Away side, had to shoot again next. This is how they went ........

BAS - Klejna .......... GOAL
PET - Billing .......... GOAL
BAS - Klejna .......... GOAL
PET - Padelek .......... MISS

So, at the half way stage, Bison sit in 3rd spot, only 2pts behind the leading two teams. If you had offered me that at the beginning of the season, I would've had your hand off. Once all teams play their games in hand, we should have a better idea of how the league will shape up. But, there's no reason why we can't go on and be successful & who knows, possibly even retain our League Title!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind comments & also, wish you all a very Happy New Year.