Tonight the Trane sponsored Basingstoke Bison commence there inaugural season in the newly formed National division of the NIHL with a weekend match up versus the Peterborough Phantoms in the annual “Billy Glover” Memorial Trophy.

Please could all supporters be in their seats early as we honour the life of Keith Hope prior to face off.

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Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
6th of January 2019

GAME REPORT: Bison V's Invicta Dynamos Saturday 5th January 2019

Final Score: Trane Basingstoke Bison 7 Invicta Dynamos 2

Ref: Evans
Lino’s: Finch and Strain

MoM Bison: Cowley
MoM Dynamos: Foord

Bison Stats: Cowley 2+2, Petts 2+0, Jones 1+0, King 1+0, Klejna 1+0, Norcliffe 0+3, Tait 0+2, Cooke 0+1, Dewey 0+1, Evans 0+1, Ralph 0+1, Sampford 0+1.

Nets: Weller-Evans 9/2 (77.78%)

Dynamos Stats: Lillis 1+0, Strawson 1+0, Colvin 0+1, Foord 0+1, Miles 0+1.

Nets: Morris 51/7 (86.27%)

SoG: Bison 51 Dynamos 9

PiMs: Bison 10 Dynamos 43

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. Hope you all had a great time over the festive period!

Bottom placed Invicta Dynamos, were first team to visit the Basingstoke Arena in 2019. Games between these two have always not been the greatest games to watch, but as long as you get the "W", that's all that counts.

Ref Blaine Evans dropped the puck for the first action of the New Year and it would be Bison that came out all guns blazing. Alex Sampford almost scoring on the Bison's first attack up ice. It looked like Dynamos nettie Conor Morris, was going to be in for a very busy evening!

Soon after, Chris Cooke fired the puck on net, but again Morris saved easily. At 4.59 Bison's Tommy Ralph took a Hooking call, but the PK units killed it off and Bison returned to full strength. Then at 6.26, Bison's newest signing Adam Harding and Invicta's Arran Strawson became involved by the Invicta net. Strawson would get a Hooking call, whilst Harding would get a minor penalty for Holding the Stick.

After a couple more chances, Bison finally took the lead at 7.23. Cooke and Norcliffe combining to set up Michal Klejna, and the Slovak buried the puck. Bison kept up the pressure and almost doubled their lead, when Klejna and Ashley Tait created a lovely 1-2 and Tait almost scored from the tightest of angles.

At 10.07, Bison were adjudged a Face Off Violation penalty. Oscar Evans being selected to sit the Bench Minor penalty. As always against lowly opposition, we always seem to struggle at times and so it would continue. At 11.15, Arran Strawson scored a Powerplay goal, on a good feed from Brandon Miles.

Bison would create one more really good scoring chance, when Richard Bordowski set up Jay King, but the Scot would only find the chest pad of Morris. The period came to a close with the scoreline reading, Bison 1 Invicta 1, after 20mins and the Shots on Goal, read 16 on Invicta and a very poor 3 shots on Bison.

After a pretty lengthy delay to get "Doris" the Zamboni back up and running, the 2nd period finally commenced about 30mins later.

Promising youngster Oscar Evans was getting regular shifts and to be fair, he was looking right at home out there. He had a couple of good chances to get on the board, but Morris denied him both times. Then what normally happens, Invicta scored again to take a shock lead, very much against the run of play. Timed at 23.18 Harrison Lillis skated in from the point and released a wrist shot, which flew past Dan into the net. He definitely would want that one back. Louis Colvin picking up the assist.

But thankfully, this appear to fire up the Bison and at 25.38, Bison Captain Russ Cowley, scrambled home the equalizing goal at the second attempt, assisted by Norcliffe and Sampford. 3 mins later and Cowley would turn provider, as he fed an on-rushing Jay King and he unleashed an unstoppable shot past Morris, for Bison to regain the lead, which they would not relinquish. George Norcliffe also getting an assist on the goal.

The Bison were turning the screw right now and a couple of minutes later, they added a fourth goal. Chris Cooke fired a shot in from the point and Cowley, nonchalantly redirected the puck past Morris into the top of the net. Invicta's discipline then imploded slightly when Netminder Conor Morris picked up a 10min Misconduct penalty and worse still, Anthony Leone was awarded a Match penalty for an Obscene Gesture. Bison Goal and both penalties all timed at 30.44.

Invicta managed to kill off the 5min powerplay and returned to full strength. Then Tommy Ralph picked up another minor penalty, when he was given an Interference call at 36.04, but Bison killed it off quite easily. The final minute came and went and at the end of the 2nd period, the scoreline was a lot healthier in Bison's favour, reading 4-2.

Shots on Goal in the 2nd were, 21 on Invicta and a very disappointing 2 on Bison's net.

The 3rd period started and it wasn't long before Bison piled on more pressure and it paid off, when at 42.19, Paul Petts picked up the puck and let fly with a great wrist shot, which flew past Morris and Bison found themselves cruising at 5-2. Russ Cowley also picking up an assist on the goal. Within 40 secs of the restart and it was 6-2. Ashley Tait passing to Adam Jones and the big d-man fired the puck on net, which Morris appeared to have but then spilled out the back of him and trickled agonizingly over the goal line, despite his last-ditch attempt to save it.

At 6-2 down, a couple of Invicta players were obviously not interested in trying to get back in the game, so they thought it would be a good idea, to antagonize a couple of Bison players and try to get them to fight. Dumb move if ever I saw it. What's the point?? Harrison Lillis tried to goad Adam Harding first, but because he didn't reciprocate his advances, he then turned his attention to Cowley instead. He had a couple of jabs at Russ, but he wasn't going to give Lillis what he wanted, so he basically just kept pushing him (and his stick) away and up went Evans arm. Lillis was given a 2 min minor for Slashing and a 2 min minor for Holding.

Unbelievably, Cowley was also given 2 mins for Holding, but he never did anything. Blaine was making some very strange calls and that was beginning to irritate both sets of fans. A good example of this was a couple of minutes later, when Bison appeared to score a good goal through Klejna, but the ref disallowed the goal, because the net was off. Now a lot of goalies do this and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Basically, as the shot from Klejna came in, Morris used his skate to push the net off its moorings. Most refs will award the goal, because the netminder has obviously tried to gain an advantage, by in no other certain terms........ cheating.

Anyways, it wasn't given and we continued. Then a little coming together over in the far corner, saw a Dynamos player left slumped on the ice. Oscar Evans carried on playing, because the was no whistle from Blaine to stop the game, but Lewis English took exception and from behind levelled Oscar with a Cross-Check and then threw a couple of punches, whilst on the ice. Harding stepped in to Ozzie's defence, but it was no more than handbags. After consultation, English was awarded a "Late Hit" call, but it should've/could've been a lot worse. Penalty timed at 50.16.

Into the final 3 minutes of the game and Paul Petts would score again. It was almost identical, as his first strike, wrist shot, top corner! Oscar and Elliott Dewey with the assists on the goal.

Bison had another perfectly good goal washed out, but it really didn't matter, as the final few seconds ran down, the Bison has started the New Year with a convincing 7-2 home victory!!

Not the prettiest of games, but 2pts is all we want. Hopefully, the guys can get another road victory, in Streatham on Sunday evening.

Keep an eye out for the match reports on the website, or in next weekend’s programme.