Tonight the Trane sponsored Basingstoke Bison commence there inaugural season in the newly formed National division of the NIHL with a weekend match up versus the Peterborough Phantoms in the annual “Billy Glover” Memorial Trophy.

Please could all supporters be in their seats early as we honour the life of Keith Hope prior to face off.

Here’s all the...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
9th of January 2019

GAME REPORT: Streatham V's Bison Sunday 6th January 2019

Final Score: Streatham RedHawks 4 Trane Basingstoke Bison 3 (APS)

Ref: Evans
Lino’s: Finch and Olczak

MoM Streatham: King
MoM Bison: Cowley

Streatham Stats: Roberts 2+0, Ranson 1+0, Bailey 0+1, Carr 0+1, Soar 0+1, Webb 0+1.

Nets: King

Bison Stats: Bordowski 1+1, Tait 1+1, Morris 1+0, Cowley 0+2, Klejna 0+1.

Nets: Mettam

PiMs: Streatham 10 Bison 32

The Bison travelled to South London to face Streatham, for their last League visit this season. After Saturday evening's comprehensive defeat of Invicta, Bison were looking to get 2019 off to a great start, with a 4pt weekend. Liam Morris returned to the Bison roster, whilst Streatham were missing influential players Leigh Jamieson and Michael Farn.

Much like Saturday, Bison almost scored with their first attack on goal, but within seconds, they found themselves a man down, when Richard Bordowski was awarded a High-Sticks call, at 31 secs. Even though shorthanded, Ashley Tait had the best chance to score, but Damien King made the pad save and Bison would return to full strength.

At 6.28, Streatham would get a Penalty, when Thomas Soar was called for a Late Hit. Bison started the powerplay well, by moving the puck around trying and find a good shooting lane, but then a poor turnover led to Alex Roberts skating away and he beat Alex Mettam, with a rocket from just inside the blue line. A Shorthanded goal timed at 7.21.

The Bison were finding it difficult to break down their defences, chances were few and far between and their short bench were definitely on top.

At 16.56, it got worse for the visiting team, when that man, Alex Roberts added his and Streatham’s second goal of the evening. Scott Bailey with the assist.

At the first break, the scoreline read Streatham 2 Bison 0.

The 2nd Period started and the Bison really needed to get themselves back in the game but it would be them that would take the first penalty, Danny Ingoldsby with a Late Hit call at 25.30. Although very nervy, the Bison would get back to full strength. The half way point, came and went and still Bison prodded away to try and find that elusive first goal.

Then came an opportunity at 33.34. Jacob Ranson awarded a Charging call. The Powerplay unit came out and set about trying to get the goal that would open our account. And they certainly succeeded, when Klejna and Cowley combined, getting a shot off, but the puck fell to Ashley Tait, who fired in a slapshot and it crept through into the goal. Finally, a PP goal at 34.05.

Just as the period was coming to an end, Adam Wood got involved with Michal Klejna. Klej going down, but Evans gestured for Michal to get back up, which he did, but Wood had another bite at him, and as the buzzer went, the ref awarded a Holding call on Wood, timed at 40.00.

Scoreline reading Streatham 2 Bison 1.

Bison would start 3rd period with a 2 min Powerplay. Again, the Bison would move the puck swiftly between themselves, looking for the right opportunity to get the shot off, alas it wouldn't be and Streatham returned to full strength. The guys kept coming forward, and a minute later, they would be level. Richard Bordowski firing in on King, but the puck wasn't covered and in stepped Liam Morris, to backhand the puck in from a tight angle. Goal timed at 42.57.

Although, the scores were level, it was still Streatham that were proving to be the better side. Every time they came forward, it looked like they might score. To make it worse, then Bison hit penalty trouble. Sam Smith was given a 2+10 for 'Checking to the Head' call at 43.40. It was very unlike Sam's character to get such a penalty, but Evans gave it. Streatham piled pressure on the Bison defence and at 45.34, Jacob Ranson would pick up his own rebound and swivel at unleash a shot that beat Mettam, for a Powerplay goal, assisted by Soar.

Bison had to find another goal from somewhere, but at times it looked like it might not be our night. Then Alex Roberts took a penalty for Slashing at 47.45. Could the Bison PP get another goal to tie the game? After a couple of missed shots, Bordowski collected a pass from Cowley in front of net and he despatched the puck past a hapless King. A Powerplay goal at 49.29, with Tait picking the second assist.

Now, the game was back on, could we get another goal to take the lead. Unfortunately, we fell foul of penalty trouble again. Chris Cooke getting called 2+10 for Boarding at 50.52. The Streatham player was down for a fair time receiving treatment and looked quite groggy when he left the ice. Then at 52.02 Richard Bordowski was called, for a very soft, Interference call. Evans really being conned by Roberts, who made a lot of it. Streatham found themselves with 50 secs of 2-man advantage. Bison fought tooth and nail, to clear every puck that entered their zone. Managing to get back to four skaters, before finally killing off the second penalty too, returning to full strength, much to the delight of the travelling Bison fans.

Then at 55.18, another really weird call from Evans, giving Bison's Sampford and Streatham's Russell both Holding penalties, when it was clearly the Streatham man doing all the holding. Both teams returned to full strength and it was certainly getting very tense. Would a team make a mistake, that could ultimately cost them the game? The final 2 minutes expired and for the second road trip in succession, we would go to OT.

Although there were a few chances neither team could find a goal to finish sudden death. So, it would be down to the dreaded penalty shots to decide the extra point. Streatham would shot first, here's how the penalty shots would go.....

Roberts .......... Missed
Klejna .......... Saved
Carr .......... Goal
Tait .......... Saved
Siagris .......... Saved
Harding .......... Goal

Now it was Sudden Death. For some reason, the away team have to shoot again.
Klejna .......... Goal
Carr .......... Goal
Klejna .......... Saved
Carr .......... Goal

As much as I can remember, it was like MK all again. Short bench team proving difficult opponents and snatching a very welcome victory at our expense!!