Slovakian overseas player Michal Klejna returns for a second season in the Herd uniform as exclusively revealed earlier today in the Basingstoke Gazette.

Klejna completes the Trane sponsored Basingstoke Bison overseas roster for the 2019 / 20 season and will once again ice alongside Richard Bordowski as our two overseas players.

31 year old, 6’1” tall Michal...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
22nd of January 2019

GAME REPORT: Bracknell Bees v's Bison Sunday 20th January 2019

Final Score: Bracknell Bees 2 Trane Basingstoke Bison 6

By: Nigel Simmonds

Ref: Matthews
Lino’s: Cook & Sitch-Cunningham

MoM Bees: Paynter
MoM Bison: Harding

Bees Stats: Galazzi 1+0, Z Milton 1+0, Antonov 0+1, B Baird 0+1, Knaggs 0+1, H Stead 0+1.
Nets: Milton 8/3 (62.50%)
Skinns 28/3 (89.29%)

Bison Stats: Harding 2+0, Norcliffe 2+0, Ralph 1+0, Sampford 1+0, Klejna 0+3, Jones 0+2, Bordowski 0+1, Cowley 0+1, Ingoldsby 0+1, Morris 0+1, Tait 0+1.

Nets: Mettam 34/2 (94.12%)

PiMs: Bees 56 Bison 18

After Saturday evenings pretty easy victory over MK, the Bison travelled up the M4, to take on the Bees. Since last weekend’s solid 6-2 victory over Bracknell, Social Media has been on meltdown, with all different parties, getting involved over the events that occurred (or allegedly occurred!).

Personally, I've distanced myself from all the mud-slinging, because I still have friends within their organization. Don't get me wrong, when both teams meet, I ONLY want Bison to Win. Being totally honest, I actually felt a bit sick driving to the game, hoping we could get another victory over our closest neighbours & once again, our fiercest rivals. The Series currently stands at: 2 Wins to 1, in Bison's favour.

After a nervy start, with both teams just trying to figure each other out, they both settled down to business.

Bison were the first team to light the lamp at 6.39, when Alex Sampford beat Danny Milton with a great shot from just inside the left circle. Russ Cowley & Richard Bordowski getting assists on the goal. The travelling fans (in great numbers btw) erupted.

At 8.29, there was a little coming together in front of the Bison net. Adam Harding & Josh Martin both picking up Roughing minors. With both teams playing 4-on-4, it would be Bison that took advantage of the extra space. Michal Klejna's sublime pass picking out an on-rushing Tommy Ralph and Ralph buried the puck past Milton for 2-0. Tait also assisted.
Bison players & fans alike, were absolutely loving the start they'd made.

It would get even better for the visiting team soon after both teams had returned to full strength. Fresh from the box, Adam Harding would pick up a loose puck and he roofed it past a shell-shocked Milton in the Bees net. Klejna & Adam Jones both assisting the goal, timed at 10.42.

This caused Bees to call a Time Out & also, Dean Skinns replaced Milton between the pipes.

Straight from the restart, Ryan Watt decided Bees needed a wakeup call, so he & Danny Ingoldsby dropped the gloves. Watt getting a good first punch in, but both guys traded good hard punches and provided a good old bout of fisticuffs. As the dust settled, Ben Paynter decided to jump Adam Harding & threw a couple of punches. It took what seemed an eternity to get the penalty calls, but eventually they were announced. Ryan Watt & Danny Ingoldsby both receiving 2+2 for Roughing, whilst Paynter would get 2 for Roughing & also picked up a 10min Misconduct for his actions.

Bees managed to kill off the penalty and returned to full strength.

At 14.22, Elliott Dewey picked up an Interference call, as he obstructed Shaun Thompson's progress up the boards. Like the Bees, Bison would kill off the penalty successfully.

That was all the action for the first period & at the buzzer, Bison lead the Bees 3-0. What a great period of hockey that was.

The 2nd Period started badly for Bison, when Dewey was assessed a Delay of Game penalty, as he cleared the puck over the glass, timed at 20.21. Bison would kill the penalty and soon after, Ben Paynter’s Misconduct penalty expired and he returned to the Bees bench, once the play had stopped.

Ryan Watt would get called again at 24.29, this time it would be a Hooking call his punishment. Bees would kill off the penalty.

Then Bees hit more penalty trouble, as Roman Malinik got called for Roughing as he threw an errant punch, over towards the benches. Bison couldn't make the extra man count and just before Bees returned to full strength, George Norcliffe got called for Slashing at 28.54.

Malinik returned and Bees set about trying to break Mettam’s shut-out, but Alex wasn't in a giving mood and stopped everything fired at him.

Norcliffe returned to the ice and Bison set about trying to increase their lead. This they when Norcliffe picked up the puck on the left wing and drove towards the Bees defence. George magically stickhandled his way past 3 d-men and just as it seemed he'd lost control of the puck, he regained his balance and somehow skilfully, slotted the puck past Skinns. It was an incredible 'unassisted' individual effort and he looked like he enjoyed that one too! Goal was timed at 37.46, with Jones & Klejna assisting again.

The last couple of minutes ran down and at the second period break, the scoreline read 4-0. Bison fans were certainly enjoying how well their team were performing.

In to the 3rd period now and it just kept getting better for the visiting Bison. George Norcliffe pouncing on a poor Bees turnover and he skated in and slotted the puck underneath Skinns pads. The team/fans were now in dreamland. 5-0 up, against a side that the previous evening, had destroyed visiting League leaders Peterborough Phantoms 8-2.

To be fair a few Bees fans were still trying to get behind their team, but with every attack up ice, Bison's defence or Alex Mettam, who was in sparkling form, nullified every scoring opportunity.

At 42.47, Josh Smith picked up a Slashing call. Bees again set about breaking Mettam's defence.

Before Smith's penalty expired, Ryan Watt got called for Holding the Stick at 44.08. But he wasn't happy with the call and en-route to the penalty box, he tested Mr Matthews patience a bit too long. So, with a flick of the hips, he'd picked up a Misconduct too. Done yet? ........ Oh no, he wasn't....... another verbal barrage & Matthews flicked the hips again. That's a Game Penalty!!

As much as I like Ryan, he's his own worst enemy, when it comes to discipline. Sometimes, you just have to keep your mouth shut!!

Zach Milton skated across, to sit out Watt's original minor Hold the Stick penalty. It was then Bison that would let themselves down on the discipline front. Norcliffe picking up a Slashing call at 44.45 & a under a minute later (45.16), Adam Harding was awarded a High-Sticks penalty.

Bees returned to full strength, which left Bison with still only 3 skaters for just over a minute. Bison stood firm and returned to 4 skaters. Bees were firing everything at Mettam and he was proving unbeatable, but unfortunately, Bees somehow found a way past him in the end.

It certainly wasn't a pretty goal. The puck came in from the point, Mettam saved, the puck popped out for a rebound, Mettam saved again, or so he thought. Thinking had covered the puck, it somehow squirmed out and Zach Milton was on hand to slid the puck under a prone Alex Mettam. Vanya Antonov & Brendan Baird credited with assists on the powerplay goal, timed at 47.09. Finally, the shut-out had been broken, but it wouldn't matter.

Into the 50th minute we went & Adam Harding would score his 2nd & Bison's 6th goal of the evening. Liam Morris & Danny Ingoldsby credited with assists. (Goal time was 49.46)

At 50.56, Tommy Ralph picked up a Tripping call. Bees would set about trying to make the scoreline, a bit more respectable. They almost succeeded, when James Galazzi, with the goal at his mercy, looked certain to score, but he didn't count on Mettsy pulling off an absolute worldy of a save, which left Galazzi stood, stick on head, stunned & in disbelief at the side of the net.

Unfortunately, Galazzi did finally beat Mettam, when he got a tip on a point shot from Harvey Stead. Ed Knaggs also assisting. Powerplay Goal timed at 52.40.

We entered the final 2 mins of the game and all both teams really wanted, was to hear the final buzzer. The final few seconds ran down; the buzzer sounded & Bison had delivered another thumping 6-2 defeat to the Bees. This one was even sweeter though, as it was on their own ice. Surprisingly, a lot of Bees fans had already left early.