As exclusively revealed this morning in the Basingstoke Gazette, the Trane sponsored Basingstoke Bison are pleased to announce the return of British forward Sam Talbot for the 2020/21 season.

Having originally signed for the Herd last season on a 2-way contract while playing for the Slough Jets in NIHL 1, Talbot joined the Bison full time in January this year. In...
30th of December 2019

GAME REPORT: Phantoms V's Bison Sunday 29th December 2019

Final Score: Dalrod Peterborough Phantoms 5 Trane Basingstoke Bison 2

MoM Phantoms: Tetlow
MoM Bison: Mettam

Refs: Belfitt & Hewitt
Lino's: Campbell & Pullar

Phantoms Stats: McEwan 1+1, Padelek 1+1, Norton 1+0, Stepenak 1+0, Weldon 1+0, J Ferrara 0+1, Hunt 0+1, O'Flaherty 0+1, C Pollard 0+1, Susters 0+1.

Nets: Marr 29/2 (93.10%)

Bison Stats: Sampford 1+0, Talbot 1+0, Klejna 0+2, Norris 0+1, Smith 0+1.

Nets: Mettam 32/4 (87.50%) Empty Net (1/1)

PiMs: Phantoms 18 Bison 36
SoG: Phantoms 33 Bison 29

On Sunday, your Trane Basingstoke Bison made the trip to Cambridgeshire to face the Peterborough Phantoms. As many of you know, it's not a rink I hold with great affection,
but saying that, we do usually get a pretty competitive game there.

Bison were again missing scratches, Norcliffe & Evans, but tonight they were joined by Liam Morris, who had sustained an injury against Raiders the previous evening. He did warm-up with a full faceguard, but wasn't in the line-up, when the players took to the ice.

The game started as expected at a pretty fast pace. Bison would take the first penalty, when Michal Klejna was assessed a Tripping call (1.30). Bison killed the penalty successfully. Phantoms Tom Norton was next to visit the sinbin, when got called for Cross-Checking (6.28), but again, the penalty was killed successfully.

At 12.26, an eager Phantom player jumped onto the ice too early and a Bench Penalty was called on Peterborough for Too Many Men. The Bison PP unit took to the ice to try and open the scoring, which they did (13.32). Michal Klejna skated in and try to stuff the puck past Marr, but it looped out in front of net and Alex Sampford was on hand to pop the puck home, over Marr's shoulder. Phantoms created a couple more scoring opportunities, but Bison (& Mettsy) saw off their advances. Near the end of the period, Sam Talbot managed to wriggle free and almost beat Marr, but he saved well.

That was how the first period ended and Bison led 1-Nil at the interval.

Into the 2nd period and Bison carried on creating a couple of chances, but unfortunately nothing came of them. Then Ryan Sutton & Brad Bowering were both penalised (25.19). Sutts (Hooking) & Bowering (Holding the Stick). After a bit of 4-on-4, both teams returned to full strength.

Then came, for me, the turning point of the game. Ashley Tait's clumsy challenge on Bowering against the boards, drew attention of the officials. Ash was given a 2 + 10 Boarding penalty. Bison did see off the penalty, but it was quickly followed by Richard Bordowski picking up a Late Hit call (32.34) after he reacted to no call being given against Nathan Hunt, who had nailed Bordo quite high on the boards.

Just as Bison returned to full strength, Phantoms finally scored their opening goal (34.36). Petr Stepenak scoring at the back post, after being set up by McEwan & C Pollard.

Bordowski was called again, this time, an Elbows penalty, after he clashed with Hunt again (34.58). Then things would get worse for the Bison, when Adam Jones picked up a Tripping call (36.22), thus giving Phantoms 37 secs of two-man advantage.

They didn't need that long to punish the Bison. Just 13 secs later, Tom Norton fired home from the point, after being set up by Padelek & J Ferrara (36.34). Phantoms were still on the powerplay, but within a minute, they themselves found themselves shorthanded. Firstly, Conor Pollard (36.43) for Goalie Interference & then James Ferrara (37.13) for Hooking, gave Bison a quick chance to get back on level terms.

Adam Jones returned to the ice, giving us a small 2-man advantage, but we just couldn't find a way past Marr and they returned to full strength. It was a missed opportunity for sure. The period ended and Phantoms went in leading 2-1. Although Phantoms led at the second interval, I felt we were very much still in this game, but the next goal would be important.

The 3rd period started, and the travelling Bison fans were hoping that the Bison could turn this game around and a few minutes in, they had something to cheer. The ever-impressing youngster Sam Talbot equalised. Sam Smith & Michal Klejna combined to set him up, he got his shot off, but it was blocked, but collecting his own rebound, he let a rocket go and it beat Marr top shelf, in off the bar (45.19).

With the scoreline back on level terms, could the guys kick on and get another. Unfortunately, it wouldn't go as we'd hoped. Alex Sampford picked up a Slashing call (45.45), which left Weldon bleeding from a facial cut, but only 2 minutes was given. Then Phantoms Nathan Pollard would negate the powerplay, when he was given a Tripping call (46.02). At the next break on play, Bison Coach Ashley Tait returned to the ice, after sitting out his 12 mins.

Ollie Stone would then get called for Tripping (47.31) giving Phantoms another PP chance. Unfortunately, a poor Bison turnover would get punished. Corey McEwan being the benefactor, as he got a powerplay goal, after beating Mettam from close in, after we coughed up the puck (48.47), Susters & Hunt getting the assists.

Bison were still trying to get back into the game and after intercepting a pass, Klejna raced away up ice, only to be brought down by Robbie Ferrara with the Tripping call (49.12).

Just as the penalty was killed, a poor Bison line change allowed Ales Padelek to be set free up ice. He skated in all alone and beat Mettam with an emphatic finish (51.14). O'Flaherty with the assist. It was a dagger in the Bison hearts, but we would get another good chance to get back into the game. Josh Tetlow with a Cross Check call (55.01) & then Robbie Ferrara for Tripping (56.47) gave us a slender 14 sec two-man advantage. But we just couldn't find the finish, after all the set-up passes.

Phantoms returned to four skaters and at next break of play, Bison used their Time Out. As play started again, Mettam raced to the bench for the extra man, but that was halted when Belfitt decided Sampford had jumped into the play too early, much to the annoyance of the Bison bench, so Mettsy had to return to between the pipes. We entered the final two minutes and with Bison still on the powerplay, Mettam was again called to the bench for the extra guy. Phantoms returned to full strength, but couldn't find a way out of their zone, as Bison pressed for another goal, but we just couldn't find a way past Marr. Just under a minute to go and Phantoms used their Time Out. The face off was in the Phantoms zone and they won the draw. With the Bison pressing hard again, the puck came out of the zone and Weldon chased down Ash Tait for the loose puck. Ash failed to knock the puck away and Weldon fired the puck into the empty net, to score unassisted and kill off the game (59.32).

Just as the guys were skating back to the bench, Sean Norris was given a 10min Misconduct penalty by Belfitt, but I'm still not 100% sure why. Sean did looked completely perplexed at the decision.

The Final seconds ran down and the buzzer ended the game, with the final scoreline reading, Phantoms 5 Bison 2.

It wasn't the result we wanted, but it's always a tough place to go, bit made even harder, when you witness poor officiating.

We now have a couple of days rest, before going again, as we go to Swindon on New Year’s Day.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!!

Be safe & see you all in Swindon!!