In light of the decision that our landlords Planet Ice have taken with regards to the 2020 / 21 season and league play not commencing until at the earliest 1st January 2021, as club we support and respect their decision whole heartedly and confer that in this ever changing landscape we must take every step possible to ensure that the safety of all is paramount be it...
14th of January 2020

GAME REPORT: TELFORD TIGERS V's Bison Sunday 12th January 2020

Final Score: Telford Tigers 4 Trane Basingstoke Bison 3 (After Pen Shots)

MoM Tigers : McKinnon
MoM Bison : Mettam

Refs : Jarvie and Wells
Lino's : Carrington and Miss Stanley

Steeldogs Stats : Whistle 1+1, Florian 1+0, McKenzie 1+0, Aston 0+1, Goodison 0+1, Kennedy 0+1, Plant 0+1, Silverthorn 0+1.

Nets : Day 33/3 (90.91%)

Bison Stats : Bordowski 1+1, Norcliffe 1+0, Norris 1+0, Harding 0+1, Morris 0+1, Sampford 0+1.

Nets : Mettam 51/4 (92.16 %)

PiMs : Tigers 37 Bison 20

After another deserved home win, this time over the Hull Pirates, the Trane Basingstoke Bison made the trip to Shropshire, to face the Telford Tigers. It was great to see George Norcliffe back from injury and back in the line-up on Saturday. However, top import Michal Klejna sat out Sunday's game, due to injury.

Telford started at a blistering pace and almost scored on their first attack, Silverthorn bringing a good save from Mettam. A few minutes later and Norcliffe would get a couple of chances to score, but Brad Day stopped both attempts. Then, Sean Norris charged down a shot and was in all alone, but Day again thwarted the Bison with a good save.

Alex Sampford was called for Tripping (5.48), but Bison killed it off successfully. Tigers would pick up their first penalty, when Jack Watkins was given a Late Hit call (14.21). The Bison PP unit came out and set about opening the scoring. Richard Bordowski created space and got a shot off, Day saved, but Bordo was quickest to react to the rebound and backhanded the puck past Day (16.11), assists coming from Morris and Sampford.

Late in the period and Bison were given a couple of soft penalties. Jay King picked up a Tripping call (17.22) and then Bison picked up a Bench minor penalty for "Face-Off Violation", which was served by Bordowski (19.10). This gave Tigers a small 2-man advantage and they laid siege on Bison's net, but Alex Mettam came up with a couple of cracking saves. Bison returned to four skaters, but Tigers kept up the pressure and they almost levelled the score, when Kennedy saw his shot ping off the post. Mettam then made another big save before the buzzer sounded for the end of the 1st period, with Bison going in 1-0 up.

The Bison started the 2nd period still facing 1.11 of Penalty Kill. Tigers didn't need that long, 48secs in fact. Silverthorn and Plant combining to set up Whistle and he roofed the puck past Mettam (20.48) for a PP goal. Not the start we wanted but Tigers came out like they finished the 1st period, fast, precise and swarming the Bison net.

It was an end to end game, with chances being created by both teams, but the final shot was either blocked or cleared by each teamís defence. Adam Jones was penalised again for Tripping (26.31), but the Bison PK stood firm and solid and killed the penalty off.

Now just past the halfway mark and Bison took a deserved lead. Adam Harding set George Norcliffe free and he skated in and slipped the puck under Day, just as the goal became dislodged. Mr Wells was stood right by the side of the goal and he signalled "GOAL", much to the Tigers players protestations, who argued the goal was off first. Not a hope !! The puck was definitely over the line, before the goal was off.

Within a minute (32.30), the Bison increased their lead, when Sean Norris scored a cheeky, but a beaut of a goal. He picked up a pass from Bordo and was stood, just in from the corner, on the goal line. He must've seen the smallest of gaps, but he fired the puck and banked the puck in the net off Day's pads. This sent the small collection of travelling Bison fans mental and there was a hush from our counterparts across the way !!

Bison thoroughly deserved to be leading. Now it was just a case of keeping calm, playing sensible hockey and digging in against a very strong Tigers offence until the end of the period.

Then, Tommy Ralph picked up a Hooking call (36.30), bringing Tigers powerplay back out. On their first chance, Mettam saved but McKinney decided to have a late chop on Mettsy's glove. Adam Jones skated in to protect Alex and gently slashed McKinney's legs. This caused the pair to face up and the gloves were off..... Jonesy throwing a couple and then McKinney got a couple in, but what happened next was quite unbelievable.... McKinney managed to get Jones's helmet off and then hit him with it !!!

The ref (Wells) blew the whistle, the lino's moved in and the fight was over and both guys separated. Wells sent McKinney straight off. The officials conferred for a little while and they decided the following penalties - Jones 2 for Slashing and 2 + 2 for Fighting...... McKinney also got 2 for Slashing and 2 + 2 for Fighting. Then they announced he'd also received 5 + Match for Fighting.

It was 4-on-4 hockey for over a minute, until Ralph's penalty expired, which gave Bison just over a minute on the PP in the period. Bison then had big chance to go further ahead when Bordowski was picked out by Ashley Tait. Bordowski dragged the puck back, which put Day out of position and the goal was at Bordo's mercy, but somehow, he managed to miss the open goal and fired wide. That would've possibly killed the game, but Tigers escaped this time.

Bison returned to full strength in the final minute of the 2nd Period, but couldn't score, so at the 2nd intermission, the score read.....Tigers 1 Bison 3 It was certainly going to be a good 3rd period coming up.

The Bison started the 3rd period with just over 2 mins still left on the PP. As much as they tried, they couldn't get another goal and Tigers returned to full strength. Ralph would fall foul of the refs again, when he was awarded a Tripping call (45.04). This time Telford would make Bison pay. The impressive Dominic Florian finished a good move, set-up by Kennedy and Goodison (46.44 PPG) .

Tigers tails were now up and like the Bison, they scored two quick goals. The game-tying goal came just over a minute later, when Bison failed to clear the puck out of the zone. Whistle fed an on-rushing Scott McKenzie and his shot flew over Mettam's glove hand into the net (48.05). The Tigers fans erupted with a heck load of cheers. Aston also picking up an assist.

Tigers now believed they could now go on and win this, much like their fans. This was helped when Bayley Harewood was given a very soft Tripping penalty, as the Tigers guy was already on his way down, when he was called. Thankfully, Bison killed it off. The minutes were disappearing and every time either the Tigers or Bison came forward you were on the edge of your seat. Into the final 5 mins and Tigers got called, giving Bison a chance. Again, both teams were giving it their all, to find that winning goal.

Tigers returned to full strength and we entered last 2 minutes. It was now very tense. Tigers peppered the Bison goal, but we just managed to keep clearing the puck, as well as Mettsy making some unbelievable saves. The final minute ran down and we'd managed to get a point from the league leaders. 3-3 and we're going to OT......

OT was a cagey affair. Players trying to make themselves free for a pass, but the opposition players marking them. Nobody wants to make a mistake that will cost them and their team. Tigers thought they had won it, when they scored, but Mr Jarvie washed it out, because of a Tigers player in the crease. Again, it was the correct call. OT ended and we were now in the lap of the gods, as penalty shots were to follow. Rick Plant picked up an Unsportsmanlike penalty, which ruled him out of the shoot-out.

Bison were up first.... George Norcliffe skated in, shot... but Day saved it !
First up for Tigers was Scott McKenzie..... he beat Mettsy, but the puck hit the post and stopped !

Next up for Bison..... Sean Norris.. he skated in on the angle, shot and missed !
Tigers next shooter was Florian....
Skated in, shot, but Mettsy saved !

Youngster Bayley Harewood took our 3rd shot. He set himself, fired, but Day saved again.

Now Whistle had a chance to win it for Tigers. Skated in, picked his spot and slotted the puck under Mettam's pad and into the net.

Tigers Won, but it was one hell of a game. Shame there had to be a loser.

Alex Mettam was chosen as MoM and rightly so. He was just awesome. McKinnon picked up the beers for Tigers.

3pts from 4 this weekend and the guys played their hearts out all weekend.

Bracknell are back in town on Saturday, so I expect a bumper crowd at our humble little palace.