Following the positive news that the brand of Planet Ice has recently announced a sponsorship agreement with the English Ice Hockey Association and that the NIHL will now be known as the Planet Ice National Ice Hockey League, the Chief Operations Officer Heath Rhodes had the following comments to make regarding the current situation with the rink in Basingstoke and the future of Basingstoke Bison.

‘In the first instance we are really pleased with the welcome news that the Basingstoke Bison management are extending their stay with the team and as a result we feel it is time to update our user groups and the Basingstoke community of the current situation with regard to the rink.

It’s been well known for some time that the current facility has become increasingly tired and with the involvement of the local council, the long lease holders Standard Securities, and the operator Planet Ice it may have seemed to the public that the future of the rink was uncertain. However, Planet Ice are pleased to report that all three parties are now in legal’s with a positive solution’.

‘For transparency, the solution does not involve the council having to contribute any funds to the proposed refurbishment at all. The current head lease will be purchased by Mike Petrouis, one of the founders of the Planet Ice brand, as will the investment to repair the rink and this in turn will ensure that Planet Ice remain as rink operator’s into the future.

We appreciate the frustration experienced by ice users and the community at large who have tried to help and support a positive solution for the rink over many years. As Planet Ice, we feel it is now time to focus on the way forward which ultimately relies upon a speedy conclusion by solicitors so that we can unveil to all what the refurbishment plan will be’.

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